The Jewelry Lady's Store - About us

The Jewelry Lady's Store - About us

When my children were young, I decided pretty quickly that I wanted to stay home with them. I was working in a high pressure job and slowly made my transition. For many years I sold sterling silver and gold jewelry to local offices, hospitals, and beauty shops. I was one of those... I rolled my bag from place to place and quickly became well known in my area. Every time I would walk into one of my regular stops, I would hear people say "It's the Jewelry Lady." So that is just who I became. 

When my daughter got engaged, I knew I needed some extra income. I had not been on a computer much, but learned from my children and soon began selling on Ebay. I made that sound very easy, but it was not. It was very hard for me to learn how to become an online seller. That was 20 years ago and I can tell you, my daughter had a fabulous wedding.

Since then, I have had two Ebay stores with almost 24,000 positive feedbacks. I added an Etsy shop approximately 8 years ago and now here I am again, The Jewelry Lady.

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